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CRANKA Crab 85mm/21g (Single Hook)

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CRANKA Crab 21g (Single Hook)

The Larger Single Hook Model CRANKA Crab is designed for success ready to fish straight out of the packet. This sized Cranka, comes equipped with a custom Black Nickle Hook designed with a 2x wide gape of the 4/0 size. One to have in your arsenal for larger species such as Snapper, Trevally, Threadies and many more.

This is a 100% modular Crab lure design, allowing every component to be interchangeable at the user end. Bait Tackle Store prides itself on carrying only the most popular colours that encourage fish to strike. Simply cast let your Cranka hit the bottom then slowly wind in. Replicating a life like defensive crab action in the water with raised natural claw action, the lure will move with the slightest current movement, breathing life into the Crab.

Measuring 85 m m across the Legs, having a shell width of 30 mm, weighing a staggering 21 grams allowing a fishable depth of 0-130ft this one is a lure one to add to the collection.

Brand: Cranka

Model: Crab

Length: 85mm

Weight: 21g


Type: Sinking