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Bait Tackle Store is owned/run/promoted by Anglers and Fishermen.

Shop Staff 

Name: Quang Tran

Position: Operations Manager

Specialty: LRF/Ajing/Light Game + Shore/Boat Jigging

Favourite Lure: IMA Ichimatsu Micro Jig

Favourite Outfit: Major Craft N-One T682AJI + Abu Garcia Revo MGX20

Favourite Target Fish: Trevally of all sorts

Quang’s favourite form of fishing is land based with light gear using micro lures. His usual fishing spots are at Manly Rock Wall and Runaway Bay.

 Promotional Staff

Name: Steven Ward

Specialty: Chasing Seasonal Fish

Favourite Lure: IMA Gun Micro Jig

Favourite Outfit: Major Craft NP-Jack S63/4 + Shimano Stella

Favourite Target Fish: Golden Trevally

Steven Ward is a seasonal fisher down the Gold Coast. He chases Bream/Trevally/Mangrove Jack in the canals to offshore fishing for Spanish Mackeral/Dolphinfish/Marlin. One of his notable achievements is winning the Gold Coast Mackerel Classic back to back 2017 and 2016.


Name: Rocky D Kotaka

Specialty:  Land Based Shore Fishing

Favorite Lure: IMA Sasuke 120 Reppa

Favourite Outfit: Major Craft Crostage 1062MH + Shimano Stradic 4000

Favourite Target Fish: Giant Trevally

Rocky is based down at the Gold Coast and loves to chase Giant Trevallies. He starts fishing an hour before first light to catch the sunrise. His usual fishing spot is down the Tweed casting lures of the rocks. Adapting to the Australian fishing conditions, he uses techniques from Japan (his motherland) to catch fish in highly pressured fishing areas. 

You can read his fishing blog at (in Japanese) and also watch his fishing videos on his Youtube channel at


Name: Mark Petersen

Specialty: Tournament Bass

Favourite Lure: IMA Bita BT 70

Favourite Outfit: Major Craft Volkey 70ML/Big Lake Special + Abu Garcia Revo MGX30

Favourite Target Fish: Bass

Mark participates in the BASS Nation Australia as a Pro Angler. In 2015 he won the Co-Angler of the Year Award.