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BARAMBAH LURES Bidjiwong 285



The Bidjiwong 285 is the giant of the Bidjiwong family, at 285mm (11.5”) and 96g (3.5 Oz), it will get the attention of the largest predatory species. It has an interchangeable bib system and can be fitted with a wake bait or paddler bib, depending on the conditions. As a wake bait, it has a natural lizard swimming action. As a paddler, it displaces a lot of water and makes a lot of noise, which is complimented by the oversized steel ball rattle in the second segment. It comes rigged with three sets of treble hooks, for maximum hook exposure, but will not foul on the cast.

Brand: Barambah Lure
Model: Bidjiwong 285
Length: 285mm
Weight: 96g
Type: Floating