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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100 (except for Rods)

BERKLEY GULP 3" Twin Tail Minnow

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BERKLEY GULP  3" Twin Tail Minnow

Brand: Berkley
Model: Gulp 3" Twin Tail Minnow
Size: 3"
QTY: 8 per Packet

The Gulp Twin Tail has an unbelievable amount of movement you could even say its movements rival a bowl of worms! This lure has a minnow profile with a set of twin tails that flutter and swim at any speed. Based on the popular crazy legs jerk shad, Berkley has down sized this deadly concept to a snack sized 3 and 4 inch models.

Having 400X more scent dispersion that rival plastic baits, the Twin Tail is packed with Gulp! scent to trigger more strikes.

Available in many colour variations, including natural and high vis, allowing you to match the hatch!