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BERKLEY Jig It Fishstix 45g

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BERKLEY Jig It Fishstix 45g

Brand: Berkley
Model: Jig It Fishstix
Length: 7.8cm
Weight: 45g
Type: Sinking

The Berkley Jig It Fishstix are perfect for all your light jigging applications. We have two of the most popular colours, Silver Flash and Purple Dream, in the sizes of 7g, 14g, 21g, 45g, 60g and 90g. Pre-rigged with a tapered edge point assist hook ready to chuck on your line to fish straight away.

With a unique design and high-quality holographic finish proven to attract a wide range of pelagic and reef species. Cast one of these deadly fish attractors and quickly wind back with an intermittent jigging motion that big pelagic love. Alternatively drop straight down where the fish are and jig it in an up and down motion.