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BERKLEY Powerbait Bubble Creeper 4"

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BERKLEY Powerbait Bubble Creeper 4"

Brand: Berkley
Model: Powerbait Bubble Creeper 4"
Size: 4"
QTY: 6 per Packet

The Berkley Power Bubble Creeper is a uniquely designed plastic that moves at the slightest vibration. Rig it up with your Jighead, Texas and Carolina Rig styles, a Drop Shot or a Wacky Rig set-up. This plastic is so versatile attracting any fish you wish to target; the worm moves without moving.

This claw has a high appeal specification by making the base as thin as possible and increasing the waterflow toward the toes. The ribbed body, bites more water and moves like crazy during a fall.

The warts and bumps cause erratic movements as well. Plenty of bait presence even when the lure is stationary.  The length of the leg of the micro leg is a lasting entertainment whether it trembles or not.