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CRAZEE LURES Tai Rubber 150g



Brand: Crazee
Model: Tai Rubber 150g
Weight: 150g
Type: Sinking

A simple round shape that achieves a stable fall posture and a smooth fall by moving the centre of gravity slightly forward. Comes with silicone skirts to attract Snapper and a inner tube to prevent friction deterioration of the line.

Tai or Japanese Sea Bream are a very close relative of the Snapper we catch here in Australia. Being almost identical, they have the same or very similar feeding habits so it's not surprising that many of the lures designed for the Japanese market work extremely well here too!

The Crazee Tai rubber is a common style of jig that's used to catch finicky fish in deeper water that won't bite larger profile lures. The Tai Rubber has two main components, the head and the skirt/assist hooks. The head is designed to slide up the line and on the drop it sinks much faster than the skirt so when it reaches the bottom the skirt typically sits above the sea floor, wafting in the current. This unique design allows the angler to present a much smaller profile to the fish, being only a rubber skirt. The assist hooks are small yet strong with super sharp points to catch even the slightest of bites. 

Tai Rubber jigs are designed to be fished on soft, parabolic rods ideally with qualities of a slow jigging rod. This helps to detect the soft bites and prevent pulled hooks. The Crazee Tai Rubber comes in 80, 100, 120 and 150g sizes with a variety of colours. 

When the bite is tough, try something different like the Crazee Tai Rubber!