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DECOY DJ-89 Pike Wire Twin Assist


The Pike DJ-89 Twin Wire Assist is perfect for jigging for fish with sharp teeth such as mackerel, tailor, and hairtail.
This set of assist hooks comes with Metal multi strand wire assist cords. 
The wide gape and long point give the hook excellent penetration and the multi-strand wire will not get cut like a regular assist cord. The Pike hooks are relatively thin wire but the unique shape of the hook makes them incredibly strong.

Equipped with a step wire assist system that focuses on sharp-toothed targets such as Spanish mackerel and striped bonito, and can be hung securely without trouble. For the wire, 49 twisted SUS304 wires are used, which have tension and flexibility that do not interfere with the series of flow from bite to hooking, and strength that can not be cut even by large hairtails and Spanish mackerels. For the hook, use "Pike AS-03" that shows smooth and quick hooking, and set it on the step. This step corresponds to the "biting atari" peculiar to hairtail and increases the hooking rate. It can be used not only as a front hook but also as a rear hook.

Size and QTY

#1: 2 per Packet
#1/0: 2 per Packet
#2/0: 2 per Packet
#3/0: 2 per Packet