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DECOY DJ-90 Light Assist


The DECOY DJ-90 Light Assist Hooks are designed for use with light casting lures, jigs, and spoons. The DJ-90 increases the percentage of hook-ups and provides a solid connection to the fish. built with the finest components, chrome nickel hooks, heavy-duty P.E., shrink tubing, and a solid oval ring to split ring connection.

A small assist hook for light casting games that focuses on small migratory fish such as yellowtail and mackerel. A fine hook that hooks smoothly even with a light tackle is installed in the outward facing, step assist system that emphasizes hookup. A solid oval ring without welds is used for the connecting parts between the split ring and the assist line. It reduces the play of the assist line and leads to smooth and reliable hooking.

Size QTY

#3: 2 per packet
#2: 2 per packet
#1: 2 per packet
#1/0: 2 per packet
#2/0: 2 per packet