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DECOY ASSIST HOOKS DJ-92 Fiber Light Assist


The Decoy DJ-92 Fiber Light Assist Hooks are excellent.
Made in Japan dressed assist hooks for micro jigs or metal spinners. They are equipped with reflective fibres which increase the attraction of the lure. The DJ-92 is equipped with decoy saltwater hooks attached with fine and strong wire, and come in a black finish. They can be attached to the nose end of the lure with split rings, or connected straight to the lure clip. Now you don’t need to worry about fish throwing off your lure.

The base is "DJ-90 Light Assist". Tying a flash fiber on this hook. Sometimes this is jaco, sometimes it creates an appeal, and it also assists when inhaling, making it easier to be sucked into the mouth and improving the hooking rate! "DJ-92 Fiber Light Assist" is a practical assist hook that is not only beautiful, decorated with fiber.

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#3 2 per Packet
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#1 2 per Packet
#1/0 2 per Packet
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