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DECOY DS-11 Split Shot Sinker


A split shot rig compatible sinker that is installed by sandwiching the line. It can be easily
closed with pliers and fixed to the line. A corrugated cross section is used
to reduce the misalignment of the sinker that tends to occur with this rig Many applications such as down shots, simple light Texas style short split shot rigs, and even hook shank attachments.
A weight lineup that is ideal not only for bass fishing but also for light games such as aging.


● Uses a corrugated cross section that is easy to fix firmly to the line. Cut one edge to make it easier to open again.
● Open shot type (gun ball shape) that is fixed by sandwiching a line or hook.
● Uses lead with high specific density and high purity. It can be easily closed with pliers and it is difficult to create gaps.
● Inconspicuous gun black finish
● Easy-to-use and sensitive round shape.



0.6g 10
0.9g 9
1.4g 8
1.8g 7
2.5g 7
3.5g 6