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DECOY JS-1 Jigging Single Sergeant N


The JS-1 is an inline-style single hook with a reversed eye that runs parallel to the shank. It is forged 6X to 8X with the same wide gape as the JS-2 and finished in nickel and tin-plated. It is ideal for jigging or running on trolling lures or as a rear hook for larger stickbaits.

It is a single hook for jigging that pursues a shape without waste, which is easy to hook and does not easily get caught anywhere on the fish. By adopting a back grating wide eye and gently twisting to the hook point, we succeeded in increasing the hooking rate and drastically reducing the variation by Massive wire & Round wide gape. Even in the strength test, the values ​​easily exceeded 3/0/70 kg, 6/0/100 kg, and 8/0/150 kg. It is a single hook that can easily handle not only blue-backed fish such as amberjack and yellowtail, but also oilfish, large amberjack, and tuna.

# 1/0 7
# 2/0 7
# 3/0 Five
# 4/0 Five
# 5/0 Four
# 6/0 Four
# 7/0 2
# 8/0 2