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DECOY PR-12 Power Roll Ring


DECOY PR-12 Power Roll Ring
A set of high-strength, high-speed ball bearing swivel and split ring that removes twists and reduces line troubles, and supports a wide range from shore jigging to offshore jigging. It is a convenient part that allows you to set a jig and assist hook on the split ring.


● Uses high-strength, high-speed ball bearing swivels.

● Welding ring specifications that do not damage the knots.

● Uses a strong "DECOY split ring" with ANTI CORROSION processing that keeps rust away and flat processing.


Size Strength QTY

1 40lb 2 per Packet

2 50lb 2 per Packet

3 60lb 2 per Packet

4 75lb 2 per Packet

5 90lb 2 per Packet