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DECOY R-5 Split Ring Heavy Class


DECOY R-5 Split Ring Heavy Class
These Decoy split rings are famous for not only their great strength but also their ability to retract back to their original shape after a hook has been attached. They are made from forged power stainless steel and finished with an anti-corrosion finish to make it into a strong durable split ring. If you require a serious strong split ring.

Decoy has developed a special wire 'hypower stainless steel' for all its snaps and split rings. This material has properties that allow for super strength and gives a longer lasting to its spring steel effect after constant use.

Size Strength QTY
#8 150lb 10 per Packet
#9 200lb 10 per Packet
#10 250lb 8 per Packet
#11 300lb 8 per Packet