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DECOY JIG HEADS SV-34 Salt Groove Head


The Decoy S.G (Salt Groove) SV-34 Jighead is another quality product from Decoy. These jigheads are built for durability with a small “stinger” loop, a tail stinger hook can be rigged easily on the extra eye. Stingers can make all the difference on the day, especially with tail-biting fish.

being able to add a tail stinger achieves Perfect balance when swimming this jig head.


Size Weight QTY/Packet
#2/0 3.5g         4
#2/0 5g         4
#2/0 7g         4
#3/0 5g         3
#3/0 7g         3
#3/0 10.5g 3
#3/0 14g         2
#3/0 18g         2
#4/0 18g         2
#4/0 21g         2