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DECOY SV-53 Bottom Drive


DECOY SV-53 Bottom Drive

Fully compatible with middle games. Capture the bottom range with an unlikely lineup! 

An unlikely medium weight jig head recommended for anglers who think, "If you have a slightly heavier jig head that fits this smaller worm, you can use it for such fish and such places ...". The combination of an oval head that maintains stable swimming and a landing posture and a round vent hook that is not too large makes it a perfect fit for worms in the 2 inch range, which is a relatively small bait pattern. Due to the characteristic rear eye position, it has excellent stack avoidance ability while suppressing lifting, and it is possible to trace the range near the bottom brilliantly.

Size Weight QTY/Packet

#4 5g 4
#3 5g 4
#3 7g 4
#2 7g 3
#2 10g 3