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DECOY Worm 103 Back Switcher


It is a tuned hook that brings out the full performance of high density backslide worms and has a weight balance that makes it possible to do so with normal backslides and worms that are difficult to kick back. The back slide makes you reach the innermost part of the cover at once, and the kickback fixed point action instantly makes the big bass use your mouth. In terms of hooking performance, even bulky worms that are not good at hooking, the hook point is always upward, the point does not shake, and the response is beyond imagination. The base hook is the "Kilohook Worm 17", which has a proven track record in use with bulky worms and is highly evaluated.

Size Weight QTY/Packet
#2/0 0.9g 5
#3/0 1.2g 5
#4/0 1.5g 4
#5/0 2g 4