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DECOY WEEDLESS HOOKS Worm13 KG Hyper EX Heavy Offset Hook


With the increase in average size, which is said to be caused by the decrease in the number of individuals, the approach with heavy tackles is becoming a matter of course. "Kilo Hyper Worm 13" is not defeated by EX heavy tackle such as flippin rod & 25 pound fluoro line, and thoroughly pursues from wire selection to balance of shape that brings out performance with the concept of hook that is not comparable to beast bass. An EX heavy offset hook that supports styles that transcend power fishing, such as cover fishing with 1 ounce class heavy Texas rigs using bulky worms such as flippin tubes.

Size QTY/Packet
#1 8
#1/0 7
#2/0 6
#3/0 5
#4/0 4