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DECOY Worm220 Cover Finesse HD


Fully compatible with bait finesse and cover capture The hook "Cover Finesse" is refined by setting a brush guard that can withstand overuse and supports various situations.
It is a weedless hook that can be easily tuned by cutting and unfolding the guard according to the condition of the cover and the condition of the fish, which was unlikely. The hook is "Big Bit Finesse" designed to aim at the big bass. This powerful hook and brush guard combination gives you a quality fish in a strong finesse style. * "Big Bit Finesse Worm 20" is used for the base hook.

* When adjusting the guard, it is not recommended to pull out the guard to adjust the number. All guards may come off.


#Four 5
# 2 5
# 1 5
# 1/0 5
# 2/0 4
# 3/0 4