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DECOY Y-S21 Treble Hooks


A treble hook that uses the welding technology "Solid-System" that dramatically improves performance and strength. DECOY's original "Short Shank", "Wide Gap" and "Nemuri Point" protect the lure and hook point from the root, hook up surely, and bring it firmly to hold and landing. In shallow areas such as tidal flats where wading games are the mainstream, surf, and sea bass boat games that require a tight attack around the structure, you can feel a clear difference from others.

● Unique curve point and round vent form that achieves both reliable hooking and holding power while protecting the hook point.
● Adopted "Solid System" that draws out the performance of each hook by carefully examining the brazing material that emphasizes strength and toughness.
● Vertical eye specifications that support all lures and realize smooth hooking.
● Uses rust-resistant, highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment.


Size QTY/Packet
#8 6
#6 6
#4 6
#3 6
#2 6
#1 6
#1/0 4