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DECOY DJ-95 Mini Twin Assist


Decoy Mini Assist Twin DJ-95A small sniper with condensed performance.For small jigs aimed at Aji and Light Rock. A twin assist hook that prevents bites from being caught in hell by reliably bringing a bite from any angle to the minimum jig, which has a tricky action, and its direction is difficult to stabilize.

The hook has a high level of ability to collect fish as it sparkles. The shine of the body and several fibers create a feeling of fleeing bait, while the hook itself appeals to encourage suction and holds the soft mouth of the mouth securely.

A twin assist hook that reliably brings a bite from any angle to hooking against a minimum jig whose direction is difficult to stabilize due to tricky action, and prevents it from falling out in hell.

The hook has a high ability to collect fish as a glitter, and the horse mackerel with a proven track record is used for the horse mackerel, and it is fully compatible with metal aging. The brilliance of the torso and a few fibers create a bait feeling, and while appealing to the hook itself, it promotes suction and firmly holds the soft horse mackerel. Of course, the target is all fish that can be aimed at in light games such as rock fish and small bream.

2 in every packet.