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FEED Jungle Pin Point Spinning Rods


FEED Jungle Pin Point Spinning Rods

Introducing the PIN-POINT one piece spinning rods, the ulimate extension of your arms when casting for distance and accuracy. There will not be a lighter rod for the strength and the Nano-wrap blank plus Fuji componentry ensures performance over everything else!

Guides: Fuji K Fazlite

Model Length

Line Rating

Lure Weight Rod Weight Section
JBS-66ML 6'6" PE 1.5 15g x 1 Piece
JBS-66M 6'6" PE 2 25g x 1 Piece


6'6" PE 2.5 35g x 1 Piece


7' PE 1.2 15g 104g 2 Piece
JBS-702M 7' PE 1.5 20g 104g 2 Piece
JBC-702MH 7' PE 1.8 25g 106g

2 Piece