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FEED Urban Finesse Spinning Rods


FEED Urban Finesse Spinning Rods

These are the rods to rearrange the goalposts where performance finesse is concerned. Made to be lightest possible, ultra thin solid paired to strong and robust ultra high carbon blanks to deliver sensitivity and fish-control like none other. The result is perfectly balanced tools for concise accuracy coupled with effortless distance. Fuji components and ultralight carbon bits complete these powerhouse rods.

The US-732XD is a 7'3 weapon produced to achieve maximum cating distance when required. It has an ultra thin solid tip for crisp finesse action coupled with an ultralight but strong main blank for ultimate fish control. The two piece sections ensure easy portability and Fuji components are carefully chosen because nothing is left to chance. Light and strong, pick up an XD to be a believer.

Length: 6'8"
Line: 6lb
1 Piece

Length: 6'8"
Lure: 16g
Line: 8lb
1 Piece

Length: 7'3"
Lure: 21g
Line: 12lb
2 Piece