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IMA Melty Nymph 3"

by IMA
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Color: MN30-007 - Chart Black Pearl

IMA Melty Nymph 3"

Brand: IMA
Model: Melty Nypmh 3"
Length: 3"
QTY: 6 Pieces / Packet

Ima Melty Nymph - a “well-fed” vibrotail, is available in two sizes, 3 and 3.5 inch lengths. A ribbed, rounded in cross section body passes into a tail flattened from the sides. On it is located a rather large “heel” - the tail plate. During movement, the tail actively works, deviating upwards from the longitudinal axis. Active play is in demand when posting along the bottom with periodic touches of the ground.

The ribs on the body serve as an additional attractive element - they create subtle swirls of water. In addition, the "ribbing", although not by much, but increases the resistance of the bait in water. As a result, Ima Melty Nymph plunges more slowly than other vibro-tails, and often such “hangs” have a positive effect on the number of bites.


At the same time, the body of the vibro-tail is not too voluminous and allows you to perform long and accurate casts. Vibro-tail Ima Melty Nymph is made of soft silicone with various "secret" additives. And, above all, a fish-attracting flavour.