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MAJOR CRAFT Jigpara VSP 250g


 MAJOR CRAFT Jigpara VSP 250g


Designed to reduce travel distance

The painting, which was highly evaluated in the casting model, has been increased by one layer this time to the "6-layer multi-layered coating" specification. Achieves a reasonable price that can be dropped into intense roots without worrying about paint peeling or loss.

A slow pitch model that demonstrates tremendous power in situations where you want to aim for root fish and red sea bream, and also to reduce the movement distance of the jig and make it look like a large blue fish.

Feature Action: Designed to easily turn sideways and reduce the distance traveled as much as possible. Ideal when the predation zone is narrow or you want to attack the bottom thoroughly.

Brand: Major Craft
Model: Jigpara Vertical Slow Pitch
Weight: 250g
Type: Sinking