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MAJOR CRAFT N-One Kurodai Series Rods

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Guide: Fuji KR-Frame SIC Ring
Blank: Nano Power Carbon Composite
Handle: Fuji VSS Reel Seat + Hard EVA

Model Length Lure Weight Line Action Section
NSL-782L 7'8" 2-10g PE 0.4-0.8 Regular Fast 2 Piece
NSL-782ML 7'8" 2-15g PE 0.6-1.0 Regular Fast 2 Piece
NSL-802ML 8' 2-15g PE 0.6-1.0 Regular Fast 2 Piece
NSL-782M 7'8" 5-20g PE 0.6-1.2 Regular Fast 2 Piece


Ideal new material nano-alloy technology is adopted on the models in sea bass rods! "N" of N-ONE is "N" of NANO carbon. NANO weight reduction by carbon brings a variety of evolution even in the world of salt lure. We are concentrated and motivated to keep the maximum in the high sensitivity and long-time fishing feel the bytes that you did not get up now. Also, in each of the model, not a single compromise is allowed on guide settings and grip design since we aim as possible to maximize its potential. The design attitude commitment is felt each time you use this rod. The power of leading towards the future for us starts with "N", the bliss of time to anglers.