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MAJOR CRAFT Slow Draw Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

Model Length Lure Weight Line Section
SDB-B63/3SP 6'3" MAX 250g PE 1-2.5 1 Piece
SDB-B63/4SP 6'3" MAX 300g PE 1.5-3 1 Piece
SDB-B63/5SP 6'3" MAX 450g PE 1.5-3 1 Piece
SDB-B60/6SP 6' MAX 700g PE 1.5-3 1 Piece


The Major Craft Slow Draw is the Ultimate technical specification. This Slow Pitch Jigging rod is perfect for your deep-water jigging applications.  This baitcasting style rod can handle heavy jigs to combat current and reach the depths of the ocean.