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MAJOR CRAFT Speedstyle Spinning Rods

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Leading-edge “NANO-ALLOY” technology, the Next-Generation Bass rod SPEEDSTYLE Debut! The NANO-ALLOY technology makes the rod light-weight yet powerful to deliver the ultimate crisp feel. 

The Nano Blank technology gives the Major Craft Rods high sensitivity to feel even the slightest bites with unparalleled hooking and lifting power. Fuji Rod Components were adopted with ideal guide settings and grip designs to achieve the highest level of performance from each model.

Guide: Fuji K-Frame SIC Ring
Blank: Nano Power Carbon Composite
Handle: Fuji PTS Reel Seat + Hard EVA

Model Length Lure Weight Line Action Section
SSS-64UL 6'4" 1/32-1/4oz 3-7lb Fast 1 Piece
SSS-65L 6'5" 1/16-1/4oz 4-8lb Fast 1 Piece
SSS-67ML 6'7" 1/8-3/8oz 5-10lb Fast 1 Piece
SSS-642UL 6'4" 1/32-1/4oz 3-7lb Fast 2 Piece
SSS-652L 6'5" 1/16-1/4oz 4-8lb Fast 2 Piece
SSS-672ML 6'7" 1/8-3/8oz 5-10lb Fast 2 Piece
Super Fine Solid Model
SSS-S63UL/SFS 6'3" 1/64-3/16oz 2-5lb Ex Fast 1 Piece
SSS-S68L/SFS 6'8" 1/64-1/4oz 2-6lb Ex Fast 1 Piece
SSS-S632UL/SFS  6'3" 1/64-3/16oz 2-5lb Ex Fast 2 Piece
SSS-S682L/SFS 6'8" 1/64-1/4oz 2-6lb Ex Fast 2 Piece