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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100 (except for Rods)
FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100 (except for Rods)

POWER EYE Gojyu Fluoro Leader


Fluoro Carbon Leaders covering various salt water and Fresh Water Applications

Superior underwater strength with low water absorption,
Coating on the leader prevents deterioration due to ultraviolet rays
Refractive index on this leader is so low that is difficult for any fish to see it in the water.

Gravity : 1.78
Japanese Brand, Made in Japan

※ large-caliber donut type spools
※ recyclable & reusable

High sensitivity Harris with excellent abrasion resistance.

#0.8 3lbs 0.148mm 120m (131yds)

#1.0 4lbs 0.165mm 120m (131yds)

#1.2 5lbs 0.185mm 120m (131yds)

#1.5 6lbs 0.205mm 120m (131yds)

#2.0 8lbs 0.235mm 120m (131yds)

#2.5 10lbs 0.260mm 120m (131yds)

#3.0 12lbs 0.285mm 120m (131yds)

#4.0 16lbs 0.330mm 120m (131yds)

#5.0 20lbs 0.370mm 120m (131yds)

#6.0 22lbs 0.405mm 120m (131yds)

#8.0 30lbs 0.470mm 120m (131yds)

#10 35lbs 0.520mm 120m (131yds)

#12 40lbs 0.570mm 120m (131yds)

#14 50lbs 0.620mm 120m (131yds)

#16 55lbs 0.660mm 80m (87.5yds)

#18 60lbs 0.700mm 80m (87.5yds)

#20 65lbs 0.740mm 80m (87.5yds)

#24 75lbs 0.810mm 60m (65.6yds)

#30 90lbs 0.910mm 60m (65.6yds)

#40 110lbs 1.050mm 60m (65.6yds)