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RAPALA ULC-3 Ultra Light Crank

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RAPALA ULC-3 Ultra Light Crank

Brand: Rapala
Model: ULC-3 Ultra Light Crank
Length: 3cm
Weight: 4g
Type: Floating
Depth: 1.2 - 2.4m

We all know winter is coming and the Bream will be plentiful. Casting small, round cranks along rock walls have been a very popular method in targeting this species.

The Rapala Ultra Light Crank is designed and well suited for the job. Diving to 2.5m this deep 3cm lure with it's wide kicking wobble action makes this lure irresistible to most fish that lay at any drop offs.

The VMC trebles that this lure is equipped with gives any finesse anglers the confidence to rip any fish out of the water.