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SEA FALCON TG Spoon 30g (Tungsten Lead)



Brand: Sea Falcon
Model: TG Spoon 30g
Length: 65mm
Weight: 30g
Type: Sinking
Material: Tungsten Lead

The Tungsten Jig has arrived from Sea Falcon!

The small uniquely shape jig matches small bait fish and with the tungsten gives it a finish that only this metal can recreate.  Designed to bottom out quickly and efficiently, and with its unprecedented spoon shape it creates a whole different dimension of jig movement.  Even though tungsten is difficult to paint and keep a finish on the metal, Sea Falcons’ carrying out of the clear coat finishing of the lure greatly reduces the chances of this occurring.  The lure is pre-rigged with 2 assist hooks one at the top and one at the base of the jig for optimal performance.