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STORM Bream Lure - Promo Pack

Offer includes:

 2 x STORM Gomoku Crank Shallow 38 + 2 x STORM Gomoku Popper 40F

Please choose the colour for each product before purchase it.

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STORM Gomoku Crank Shallow 38

Diving deep & fast, Gomoku Crank gets you down to 1.5m. The aerodynamic moulded bib allows for long casts, even for such a small lure. Its tight & aggressive wiggling action combined with internal rattle draws fish in from a long distance.


Fast diving to 1.5m, allows you to swim this lure longer in the strike zone.
Integrated aerodynamically molded bib helps the Crank bounce over structure. Its High buoyancy & reverse floating on the pause makes this lure incredibly irristiable to other fish. This lure has a Super long cast for its small size. made possible by its multi-ball rattle system which also Attracts fish from great distance.
Comes with VMC nickel plated hooks.

Brand: Storm
Model: Gomoku Crank Shallow 38
Length: 38mm
Weight: 4.7g
Depth: 0.6m


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STORM Gomoku Popper 40F

The Storm Gomoku Popper has been specifically designed for Australia's finesse lure anglers. Translucent and holographic lure patterns mimic the natural baitfish that our estuary species feed on. Be it Bream Whiting giant herring or even the iconic Australian bass. nothing says no to this little popper.
at 4cm, and 3 grams this Gomoku Popper is perfect for surface luring. This Gomoku Popper topwater bait pops loud and spits out a big bubble in a way that will shock you and draw in fish from far and wide.

• Ultra light popper with lots of attitude
• Pops loud and spits a big bubble
• Strong flash off the sides
• Turns side to side when twitched
• Premium VMC nickel plated hooks 

Brand: Storm
Model: Gomoku Popper 40F
Length: 4cm
Weight: 3g
Type: Floating