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STORM Gomoku Bottom 4.5cm

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Storm Gomoku Dense

The new Gomoku Dense opens up a world of new opportunities for the keen Finesse angler. 

A new concept sinking minnow, the Gomoku Dense allows anglers to fish a bibbed minnow style lure deeper than they ever have before, giving anglers the benefits of being able to cover water quickly and efficiently enabling them to find more fish, faster. the lure is 6 grams and this allows the lure to be cast great distance into schools of tiny baitfish that most lure wont not reach.

Fish the Gomoku dense on light line and sink it to your desired depth, then either retrieve the bait with twitches, allowing the bait to sink and shimmy back to the bottom. Or simply start a slow retrieve and let the Gomoku Dense work its way along the bottom in deep water. 


a sinking minnow that is used to target estuary Species.


• Shimmy on the drop
• Sinking, can be fished at any depth
• Super long casting for its small size
• High pitch tail kicking action
• Multi-ball rattle system for added attraction 
• VMC nickel plated hooks 


Model No. GD48

weight 6g
Length 4.8cm
depth Variable