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STORM Gomoku Dense 48

STORM Gomoku Dense 48


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STORM Gomoku Dense 48

Storm Gomoku Dense Shallow Sinking Minnow.

The Storm Gomoku Dense GD48 is a finesse sized, super dense Lure designed for sub-surface action making it a god-sent for the trout, Bass and bait finessse (BFS) fanatic.

The lure comes equipped with a short bib that is angled approximately 45 degrees downwards, that will make the lure dive to no more than 1m.

This shallow minnow is perfect as a landbased ultralight lure, or ideal for casting into the shallows from any water vessel.

the Gomoku Dense produces a tight vibrating wobbling action on the retrieve. for something so small, it's heavy weight allows solid casting distances and stability when it is ripped or retrieved at high speed.

when the Lure is paused, its sinking action allows this minnow to flutter down the water column, reflecting light off its holographic Flanks, catching the attention of any Predatory fish.

Sub-Surface Minnow Fishing Lure
Freshwater / Saltwater
Dive Depth: 1m
6 grams
Fluttering on fall, tight vibrating wobble action, equiped with 2 x #10 treble hooks VMC black nickel hooks.

Brand: Storm
Model: Gomoku Dense 48
Length: 48mm
Weight: 6g
Type: Sinking