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STORM Gomoku Vibration 40S

STORM Gomoku Vibration 40S


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STORM Gomoku Vibration 40S

Brand: Storm
Model: Gomoku Vibration 40S
Length: 4cm
Weight: 3.5g
Type: Sinking

The Storm Gomoku Vibration 40S is a lure every Finesse, bream and bass angler should have in their tackle box.

the lure's magnificent finish, castability and ultra sharp twin trebles ensure hookups and perfect placement every time you cast.

the Storm Gomoku Vibrartion 40S can be worked anywhere in the water column; 
when deep dropping this lure over Schooling fish, 
the vibration on this Lure is so subtle it triggers bites from Schooling bass.

you could even Cast and work this lure past any heavy structure or weed beds to attract and cox the most docile of fish to commit into a vicious strike.

The Storm Gomoku is so versatile,it can also be use in the Salt. Working this vibe across sand or mud flats work wonders with Flathead. even tho It may only be a small vibe, Monster Lizards will find the Gomoku Vibe lure impossible to resist, we all know "No fish can resist a Jellybean Meal Opportunity."