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STORM So-Run Joker Vert 5"


STORM So-Run Joker Vert 5"
Length 5 inch
PAck of 5

The So-Run Joker Vert is a true two-in-one lure.

Fish it as it is straight out of the packet for a faster, more reactive strike; or remove the thin tail membrane to increase the subtle action of the lure when using a slow presentation - perfect for vertical jigging in colder climates.
The Joker Vert also features a ribbed body for added water displacement, as well as a thin middle band that adds movement to the whole tail section.
All So-Run soft baits are scent infused to add maximum attraction.
Twin-action tail responds differently when secondary tail membrane is removed
Butterfly swimming action with intact tail membrane for maximum presence
Finesse flicking action with removed tail membrane for subtle presentation
Ribbed, textured body for added vibration
Ideal for casting & vertical presentations alike