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SUTEKI Twin Assist Maboroshi


SUTEKI Twin Assist Maboroshi
High Quality Slow Jigging Assist Hook

Made In Japan


■Assist Core prevents entanglement in the jig

■InShore to offshore

■PE Line (Fluorocarbon line inside)

■Strongpoint Hook


■It is a twin assist hook that uses phantom hooks that have excellent penetrating power and hold

. Black original assist line specification that does not spook the fish.

■By multiple lengths of each assist, for a wide range of game fishing


This Twin Assist hook Uses the Suteki Maboroshi hook that has high Penetration power and Holding strength to keep you connected to your catch.

The original PE assists line for keeping the best balance Between Tension and Strength. These Assist hooks come in a variety of assist cord lengths to suit the variety of jigs with different lengths in your tacklebox.