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C75SSXH "Magnum Bait SP"
The strongest rod in the series, capable of throwing big lures up to 12 ounces and designed to catch big fish. Ideal for throwing large swimbaits for Murray Cod and Barramundi.

Length 7.5
Piece 2(Butt joint)
lure weight  2-12
line weight 20-40 lbs

C65M "Up-Tempo Retrieve"
An all-rounder designed to cast a range of different sized lures which is ideal for Mangrove Jack and Barramundi fishing.

Length 6 foot 5 inches
1 piece
lure weight 3/16-3/4
line weight 6-20lbs



C70M/G "Retrieve/Flexible"

This rod has a higher glass composite ratio as it is designed to allow better hooksets when cranking hardbodies as well as spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. The slower rod action provides a better hook-up ratio when straight-retrieving lures.

Length 7.0
1 piece
lure weight 3/16 - 1 once
line weight 10-20 lbs

C711H "Biwako Punch & Flip"
This rod is designed for flipping lures into heavy cover for bass, however it is capable of casting small soft and hard swimbaits up to 2.5 ounces. This rod is ideal for casting big soft plastics and the likes for Big Barramundi and Murray Cod.

Length 7.11
2 piece
Lure weight 3/16-2.5
Line weight 10-25