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TAILWALK Fullrange CC Spinning Rods


We made a long lasting bass rods, so you can use it for a long time. Good mobility with 2 pieces blank. CC means Center Cut.

Technical special. Light rig special. Good for small plastic worm, like no sinker worm, jig head, wacky style, and down shot. It also recommended for small shad lure and topwater lure.
Length 6 foot 5
2 Piece
Lure weight 1/16-1/4
Line weight 2-8

It is versatile spinning rod with fast action, good for light weight worm rig to hard lure. Suitable for any field.
Length 6 foot 4 inches
2 piece
Lure weight 1/16-3/8
Line Weight 2-8

Long cast special rod. Good for no sinker worm, Carolina rig, small rubber jig, topwater lure, and small crankbait with fast action. It has good castability, easy handling even with long length and a powerful butt section.
Length 7 foot 1 inch
2 Piece
Lure weight 1/16-1/2
line weight 3-8

Powerful spinning model. Useful for power game with spinning. Good for hard lure, up to 3/8 oz class and plastic worm with fast action.
Length 6 foot 7 inches
2 Piece
Lure weight 1/16-3/8
Line weight 4-10