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TSURIKEN Egista 2.5



The Tsuriken Egista Normal is an Eging squid with excellent basic performance. The casting, moving and sinking capabilities have been carefully designed to deliver a high-quality product. This "Normal" model is the regular sinking model and allows you to use it in many different situations. The colours are very distinctive and the shape of the lead allows for excellent stability during the fall to the bottom.

TSURIKEN Jigs are among the best lures for squid and cuttlefish fishing in Japan. The EGISTA 2.5 (10.5 grams) are very well balanced and are made with the highest standard. In addition, TSURIKEN offers a wide choice of colors suitable for all fishing situations and conditions.
The descent speed of the EGISTA Sinking Speed is 5.0 seconds per meter.

Brand: Tsuriken
Model: EGISTA 2.5
Size: 2.5
Weight: 10.5g
Sink Rate: 5-5.5sec / m