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VERSUS Utility Cases


The Meiho Versus Utility Cases are a line of high quality plastic compartment cases that come in multiple compartment styles and sizes. These hinged lid fishing storage cases are available in 4 different styles (Worm, Lure, Fly and Multi) which feature a variation of fixed and movable plastic dividers making them great for any angler. What sets the Versus Utility Cases apart from the rest is the high quality, translucent black, polypropylene material used in manufacturing. These system utility cases are great for storing various fishing supplies like hooks, weights, lures, lines and much more!

VS-50X: Versus Fly Case

The Versus Fly Cases from Meiho Tackle Box are a line of adjustable compartment cases for your fishing flies, lures, weights, hooks and other fishing tackle. These translucent black hinged lid plastic cases come with 3 fixed dividers and 6 movable plastic dividers creating a total of 10 possible fishing storage compartments. The small compartment sizes that are able to made in this high quality plastic case make it great for storing small fishing flies and other tackle. These fishing utility cases come in 4 different sizes making finding the right case as easy as possible.

VS-70X: Versus Lure Case

The Meiho Versus Lure Case series is a line of translucent black hinged lid plastic utility cases that are great for your fishing tackle and supplies. These plastic storage cases feature 4 plastic dividers that create 5 long separate compartments and come in 4 different sizes. As the name suggests, these long compartments are the perfect size for storing your fishing lures to keep them from getting tangled up.

VS-80X: Versus Worm Case

The Worm style Versus System Utility Cases give fishermen the ultimate freedom in designing their storage space for the fishing tackle. These translucent black hinged lid plastic cases feature 4 fixed compartments and 6 removable plastic dividers creating 10 possibile compartments for your fishing weights, hooks, lures and other tackle. The Versus Worm Utility Cases come in 4 different sizes to fit your fishing supply storage needs.

VS-90X: Versus Multi Case

The Versus Multi Case are plastic hinged lid fishing supply storage cases that feature no plastic dividers or compartments. The lack of compartments in these translucent black utility cases makes them a universally great storage case for any angler. These high quality plastic cases come in 4 different size options and are a great addition to any tackle box. 


SMALL: VS-502 | VS-702 | VS-802 | VS-902


Outside: 138x77x31mm

Inside: 130x64x26mm


MEDIUM: VS-504 | VS-704 | VS-804 | VS-904

6 inch

Outside: 161x91x31mm

Inside: 153x76x26mm


LARGE: VS-506 | VS-706 | VS-806 | VS-906

7 inch

Outside: 186x103x34mm

Inside: 179x89x29mm


XL: VS-508 | VS-708 | VS-808 | VS-908

8 inch

Outside: 214x118x45mm

Inside: 206x104x41mm