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YAMASHITA Egi-O-Q Live Search 3.0 Basic

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YAMASHITA Egi OH-Q Live Search 490 Glow 3.0

600Hz rattle - tuned 600hz rattle inside the body is the best frequency for squid to pick up!


Warm Jacket - this patented Thermo-storage cloth transfers light into heat. 

The slim nose design give the LIVE SEARCH a very sharp and lively darting action when hopped. 

EGI OH LIVE SEARCH incorporates the best sound for squid, the warm jacket and the easiest darting action for the angler. It is a high appeal Egi designed to be used first to call in the active squid. 

Available in sizes:

2.5 (10.5g) sink speed 5.0 sec./m

3.0 (15.5g) sink speed 3.3 sec./m

3.5 (21.5g) sink speed 2.8 sec./m