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A soft spot for Snapper! All about the right plastics...

A soft spot for Snapper! All about the right plastics...

Soft plastics are one of the easiest and most effective ways to catch a Snapper on lure. The soft body and natural movement of soft plastics are proven to be irresistible to Snapper of all sizes.

Snapper particularly love hitting lures as they fall through the water column, often rising from the bottom to take a well presented plastic. Jerkshad style soft plastics are the most popular when it comes to profiles. While paddle tails and other profiles representing the likes of squid, shrimp and crabs are also quite effective, Snapper rarely turn down a Jerkshad wafting through the water column.

Curly tails can often be deadly especially in slow current where the tail is able to maintain plenty of action on the retrieve, sink and even dead sticking on the bottom. Curly tails are best fished in still and shallower waters but can be just as productive anywhere else.

For shallower water and wary fish, 2.5inch, 3.5inch and 5inch curly tail grubs and paddle tails work the best. Switch it up occasionally and tie on a crustacean or squid profile if the traditional profiles aren't working.

For offshore reefs and deep water, 5inch and 7inch jerkshads rule the soft plastic world for Snapper. Big curly tail grubs up to 9inches can also be deadly on big Snapper.

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