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Warranty & Shipping

Standard Warranty Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to Standard Warranties of products purchased from Bait Tackle Store.

In the event that You have a warranty claim in respect of product damaged upon delivery delivered within Australia, please contact us and return the relevant product to us within 3 working days .

When delivering the relevant product to us, please note that you will bear the responsibility for the shipping costs and safely packaging your product for transport. Bait Tackle Store accepts no liability for any damage that may occur in transit.

For the avoidance of doubt:

We make no representations or warranty in relation to the existence, non-existence, validity, availability, terms or conditions of any other warranties or product support that may or may not be offered or provided by the manufacturer of the Product; and

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. The warranties and product support that we offer and provide pursuant to our Terms and Conditions are in addition to the consumer warranties and guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.

To the full extent permitted by law:

1. Bait Tackle Store aggregate liability in respect of all claims under the Standard Warranty and Extended Warranty shall not exceed the original purchase price of the Product or, at Bait Tackle Store's option, replacement of the Product with a like or similar Product.

2. Bait Tackle Store excludes all other warranties, conditions, terms, representations and undertakings whether express or implied.

The warranties set out in these Terms and Conditions are provided by Bait Tackle Store irrespective of:

 the identity of the manufacturer of the Product; whether or not the manufacturer has provided its own warranties or product support in relation to the Product.

1. The Standard Warranty period of 6 months from date of purchase of a rod;

2. Proof of purchase must be provided when requesting service under the Standard Warranty

3. The Customer is responsible to inspect all rods received from Bait Tackle Store upon arrival. Where products are already faulty or damaged upon delivery, notification and photographic evidence of the damage must be submitted to Bait tackle Store via email within 24 hours upon receipt of the Product before the Product will be repaired or replaced in accordance with these terms. Failure to report physical damage receipt promptly may result in denial of warranty for physical damage.

4. Bait Tackle Store reserves the right to replace the rod rather than repair it. Where a replacement is provided, Bait Tackle Store reserves the right to replace the Product with the same or equivalent Product, rather than repair it. Where a replacement is provided, Bait Tackle Store will determine, in its discretion, the closest Product within the then current range of Products offered by Bait Tackle Store with which to replace the faulty or damaged Product. The replacement Product may differ with the replaced Product in size and specifications, at the reasonable election of Bait Tackle Store. Bait Tackle Store may replace parts with refurbished parts. Replacement of the Product or a part under the Standard Warranty does not extend or restart the Standard Warranty period.

5. If Bait Tackle Store is unable to repair or replace the rod, the customer will be provided with credit for Bait Tackle Store's store at 50-75% of the listed retail price (not discounted price) of the Product (at Bait Tackle Store's election), excluding the associated Delivery Cost.

6. The Customer is responsible for delivery costs associated with returning the Product back to Bait Tackle Store.

7. In the event that a replacement, refund, or store credit is provided as per section 5, the faulty item will become the property of Bait Tackle Store.

8. Bait Tackle Store may seek reimbursement of any costs incurred by Us where the Product is found to be in good working order, or when it has been determined that the Standard Warranty do not apply as per section 11.

9. Bait Tackle Store reserves reasonable discretion to determine whether any Product is or is not performing in accordance with the Bait Tackle Store's specifications, subject to applicable law.

10. Warranties are not transferable

11. a) To the full extent permitted by law, the Standard Warranty will not apply in respect of a Product Which has suffered damage, malfunction or failure resulting from alterations, any alterations, accident, misuse, abuse, fire, liquid spillage, tampering or unauthorised repairs by any persons, use of defective or incompatible accessories, exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions or entry by any insect, vermin or foreign object in the Product; b)To damage arising during transportation or while moving the Product, or to any transportation costs of the Product or any parts thereof to and from the Customer, unless otherwise specified in these Warranty Terms and Conditions; c)To any failure, to the extent that the failure is not a failure of the Product to perform in accordance with its specifications; d)To replacement or repair of any consumables (including hooks), or lost parts or accessories; e)To service of any product whilst it is outside Australia.


Warranty Information:

All rods are sold with Manufacture warranty cards, directly from the manufacturer. We are a parallel importer and we do not claim to represent the manufacturer in terms of Warranty or any breakage of rods or equipment.

We do, however, provide a shop Warranty on all the rods sold in our premises if they meet the requirements below.

- The rod shall be covered for a period of six months from date of original retail purchase.

- The rod shall be warranted for a period of six months from the date of original retail purchase / Expeditor

- The warranty shall only apply to the rod and is for factory defects causing breakage

- This warranty is void if the product is not used in accordance with the product's original intended purpose and user guidelines.

- To make a claim you must include Proof of Purchase. - Rods cannot be changed to another model upon request

- Damaged rod must be sent back to us before a replacement is sent

- If the product is out of stock or discontinued, we will replace it with the closest possible matched rod within the series

- Bait Tackle Store reserves the right to repair any damage under expeditor where repair is a reasonable option

Warranty does not cover circumstances where the Product was not used within manufacturer's specifications.

- Damage due to misuse including high sticking, dropping, impacts, etc

- Damage due to modifications or repair - Accidental damage of the rod

- Damage due to the intentional breakage or incidents that occur from anything other than fishing

- Loss or damage due to a natural disaster, fire, theft or any other events that could not be anticipated and/or are beyond our control

- Changes or degradation of the treated surface or natural materials due to frequent use or natural wear

- Noise, vibration, backlash, etc. which do not affect general functionality.

- Where there is no proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) of the product

- Where the rod was purchased from somewhere other than Bait Tackle Store - Where the rod was purchased second hand

- Where the rod was won as a prize

Online Sales Warranty

- Rods damaged in transit has to be reported, with photos of damaged rod and packaging, within 24 hours of receipt of the shipment.

- All Shipping costs to be paid by customer on a warranty claim.

- Same warranty conditions as stated above applies.

Please Note:
in the Event that the Rod does Qualify for Warranty, and the Warranty applies. the Customer must bear 50% of the Rod's Recommended Retail Price to obtain a replacement.

Bait Tackle Store Warranty:

Subject to the terms and conditions set out below, Bait Tackle Store agree to repair or replace the product which is supplied to you at its own cost.

This warranty is an in-house warranty provided by Bait Tackle Store and is additional to the Warranty guidelines stated by the ACL

(Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. The warranties and product support that we offer and provide pursuant to our Terms and Conditions are in addition to the consumer warranties and guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.)

- Warranty Price is 50% to 75% of any replacement rod inc GST of RRP as published by Bait Tackle Store

- All Claims must include Proof of Purchase.

- All shipping Cost or Transaction Cost is to be paid by the customer while rod is getting replaced or repaired.

- Rods cannot be warrantied more than once. Bait Tackle Store reserves the right to refuse any of our in-house warranty claims.

Bait Tackle Store Shipping Policy:

We recommend our customers to buy as many items as possible in one single purchase in order to save money on shipping cost per item.

We take great care packaging every item to ensure safe shipment to you. We charge a postage fee only to cover our costs of materials and labour. Once your order has been processed and we have received and cleared payment, your item will be dispatched as soon as possible, usually within 24 – 48 hours or the next working day if the item was bought over the weekend.

Any item with a factory Fault will be replaced Free of Charge. Any mistakenly purchased items may be returned within 7 days at the cost of the buyer. A full refund will be given once the transaction cancellation has been issued.

Tracking Numbers will be provided with every shipping parcel (standard and express shipping).

Special Regular Shipping for Decoy products:
- $2 shipping for orders up to $20.
- $4 shipping for orders between $20 and $40.
- Standard shipping rate for orders over $40  (Tracking Code will be provided).
- - $8.99 - $14.99 for orders over $40
Although we pride ourselves with service and almost send out our orders immediately, we do cannot guarantee a delivery time as we are dependent on the postage contractor that we may use.

Please note the delivery/shipping time stated is just a guide, based on information provided by the postal contractor.

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