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Bait Tackle Store is owned/ run/ promoted by Anglers and Fishermen.
it is instilled in our hiring policy that our staff have to love fishing. With over 100 combined years of fishing experience, be assured that you will always get the best fishing and setup advice from our friendly staff 

Ivan Lee


Speciality: Boat Jigging/Popping
Favourite Lure: Feed Cone 25
Favourite Outfit: Major Craft Slowdraw + Abu Garcia Oceanfield
Favourite Target Fish: Deep Water Bar Cod

Also Famous for targeting Jewies and Threadfin in the Brisbane River, Ivan's Wealth of Knowledge comes from fishing all over the world. A great angler to get advice from.

Scott Martins


Speciality: Boat Jigging/Popping
Favourite Lure: feed fling 320g
Favourite Outfit: Sea Falcon Slow Shaft + Abu Garcia salty stage
Favourite Target Fish: Snapper/Kingy's

Scott is a versatile fisherman predominantly jigging offshore when the weather is good otherwise you will find him in the river chasing anything that swims or on the dam in his kayak with Corey.

Quang Tran

Operations Manager

Speciality: LRF/Ajing/Light Game + Shore/Boat Jigging
Favourite Lure: IMA Ichimatsu Micro Jig
Favourite Outfit: Major Craft N-One T682AJI + Abu Garcia Revo MGX20
Favourite Target Fish: Trevally of all sorts

Quang’s favourite form of fishing is land based with light gear using micro lures. His usual fishing spots are at Manly Rock Wall and Runaway Bay.

Corey Mcmullen

Shop Manager

Speciality: Fresh Water, Kayak Fishing
Favourite Lure: Little Jack Metal Metal Addict Type 1
Favourite Outfit: Feed SaltWorx MJS 63UL, Abu Garcia MG Extreme 20
Favourite Target Fish: Bass, Yellow Belly.

Corey loves kayaking around the fresh water creeks and also in our local dams.
Terrorising the local fresh water fish population is his forte. Corey possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to kayaking and fresh water fishing. 

Jeremy Baltus

Marketing Online Manager

Speciality: Land based Casting
Favourite Lure: Ima airacobra popper
Favourite Outfit: Jungle Pinpoint Spinning Rod, Abu Garcia MGX 20
Favourite Target Fish: Bass, Bream, Whiting

Jeremy is some what new to the fishing scene but his enthusiasm is unrivalled Jeremy loves to get out for a early morning flick for top water bass in our local freshwater rivers

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