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Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Shad 3.7”


Brand: Berkley Powerbait
Model: T-Tail Shad
Length: 9.4cm/3.7”
QTY: 5 per Packet

A great all-rounder plastic, the Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Shad Lure is 3.7-inches in size and is a must have weapon for the likes of big Bream and Flathead. It will work equally as well in the fresh for Bass, Trout and a host of others. The beauty of the T-Tail lure design is that it is so very easy to work.

The not-so-secret is in the design with head to tail ribs. Even with the slowest of retrieves this lure will generate a fish attracting vibration ensuring that your target will bite first and ask questions later. With a simple worm profile and T-shaped tail will generate astonishing results. The size is perfect for Flathead and the freshwater anglers will continually be shocked with the ferocity at which Bass attack them.

With 5 per packet, the T-Tail Shad comes unrigged so you can refine your set up to match target and conditions perfectly.

Rigging is simple. Use your favourite jig heads to target your desired species. Of course, being infused with Berkley Powerbait makes them completely irresistible but more importantly, fish hang on!