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CRAZEE Casjig 30g



The Crazee Casjig is an all-rounder that covers areas such as freshwater dams, rocky shores and boats. Comes with an assist hook at the front and treble at the back.

Brand: Crazee
Model: Casjig 30g
Length: 60mm
Weight: 30g
Type: Sinking

The Crazee Casjig is a versatile jig for both salt and freshwater. Its compact body allows it to be cast extremely far even in strong winds. It has a unique flipping action thanks to its tall body profile and symmetrical sides. The Crazee Casjig is armed with a strong, sharp single assist and rear treble which can be taken off for different situations. The Casjig has proven extremely effective over the past couple of months when we work them through the schooling impoundment Bass. It is also deadly for a variety of different saltwater species, accounting for a variety of fish from Jewfish to even Mangrove Jacks. Whether it be land-based or from a watercraft the Casjig is a great lure for enticing all kinds of fish. Available in-store and online now at Bait Tackle Store.