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DECOY DJ-100 Grand Pike


DECOY DJ-100 Grand Pike

The Decoy DJ-100 Grand Pike Assist hooks are ideal for medium to heavy jigging applications. The wide gape and long point gives the hook excellent penetration. It is made wiith relatively thin wire but the unique shape of the hook makes it incredibly strong. The hooks are rigged on kevlar cord whick and is connected to a super strong GP ring making them an incredibly powerful assist.

It is a single type assist that adopts the power model "Pike Type R" of "Pike" which is not an exaggeration to say that the concept of jigging hook has been renewed. It supports a wide range of jerks from fast jerk to slow jerk with one assist that utilizes the speed and holding performance of the jerk and its power. All GP rings are used, and the assist line is # 1 to # 3/0, which is a blade line specification for the inshore jigging compatible class. From 6/0, we have adopted a four-knit design (# 8/0 has 6 knits) that gives appropriate tension and increases strength.


#1 (3 per pack)
#1/0 (3 per pack)
#2/0 (3 per pack)
#3/0 (3 per pack)
#4/0 (3 per pack)
#5/0 (2 per pack)
#6/0 (2 per pack)
#7/0 (2 per pack)
#8/0 (2 per pack)