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DECOY ASSIST HOOKS DJ-54 Dancing Jack 54


Decoy DJ-54 Dancing Jack Twin Assist Hooks

Used to replace the rear treble hooks on surface lures for better hook-ups and more buoyancy.
It can be also be rigged on metal lures to the head, tail or both, and will greatly reduce bottom snags and increase hook-up ratio.

By using a double hook, the rooting is drastically reduced compared to a single hook. Besides, hooking is not so different, and it is more effective than the single type for baldness. Not only rolling trout, but also washing sea bass with gills without difficulty.

Size and QTY
3L - 2 per Packe
L - 2 per Packet
LL - 2 per Packet
M - 3 per Packet
S - 3 per Packet
SS - 3 per Packet