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DECOY TREBLE HOOKS WA-21 Wire Treble Assist


It is a support hook that uses nylon coated wire that can be used for various targets, methods, styles such as sea bass and flat fish as well as hairtail with sharp teeth. For example, as a support hook for swimming heads such as SG head SV-34, as an assist for hairtail jigging, etc., it surely reduces hooking mistakes and brings it to landing. In jigging, both front and rear can be used, and various applications are possible depending on the ingenuity of the angler.

● Uses 3x7 nylon coated wire that is difficult to kink.

● The wire is perfectly fixed using a double sleeve.

● Uses "Treble Y-S21", which has a tin-plated treatment that is resistant to rust and has both excellent hooking and holding performance while being a nemuri point.

● Comes with a DECOY split ring that can be set on the support eye without any trouble.


Size QTY/Packet
S 2
M 2